Review of CADA China automobile circulation industry annual meeting

Column:COMPANY NEWS Time:2022-03-24
Haikou has a long history and a superior geographical location. "It is adjacent to Haian in the north, Jiaozhi in the south, Qizhou in the East and Hepu in the west". Since ancient times

Haikou has a long history and a superior geographical location. "It is adjacent to Haian in the north, Jiaozhi in the south, Qizhou in the East and Hepu in the west". Since ancient times, this city has been the sea and land transportation hub and an important port and commercial port in the southern border of China. Stepping into the "Coconut City" with beautiful coconut wind, the streets are clean, the trees are green, the sky is clean, and the wind is pleasant. In such a picturesque city, cadA China Automobile Circulation Industry Annual Conference and Expo was grandly held in Hainan International Convention and Exhibition Center.

Guangdong junchi Technology Co., Ltd. took part in the scene creativity exhibition in the 4S store supplies experience area with its products, including "intelligent electric tailgate" and "intelligent electric pedal".

China Automobile Circulation Association has determined "opportunities and challenges under the new pattern" as the theme of this annual meeting, aiming to jointly explore how the automobile market and circulation industry can give full play to the advantages of super large market scale in the new development stage, reshape the new pattern of growth driven by innovation, and inject surging power into the development of the industry and enterprises.

The "co-motors" and "Beilingshan" brand projects under junchi technology and the "bengpai" brand projects to be listed came into being under such a market background, and are also an inevitable product of the development of China's automobile industry. The project is trying to innovate and change the traditional automobile sales service model. On the one hand, it closely follows the steps of the automobile industry policy, on the other hand, it actively integrates the resources of the automobile industry relying on listed companies, We will continue to select and attract top enterprises in the vertical fields of various sectors of the automotive industry, jointly build an ecological matrix of the automotive industry that specifically belongs to the automotive circulation field in China, and strive to become a leading enterprise and an ecological brand that drives the development of China's automotive industry.

With the stabilization of automobile increment and the continuous increase of automobile stock, China's automobile market will gradually enter the mature development stage. In combination with the development experience of the mature stage in the world, and based on China's own national conditions, the three brands under junchi technology will ride the wind and waves and march forward to the automotive industry innovation Avantgarde, high-end quality brand.

The above is Zhang Jun, after-sales director of the marketing department of Guangdong junchi Technology Co., Ltd., who explained the company's intelligent electric tailgate to the participants.

The intelligent electric tailgate assembly consists of a brace, a bracket, a harness, a latch, a controller, a button and other accessories.

The working principle of the electric strut is to realize the optimal design of the electric strut through kinematic mechanics calculation. The optimal solution can be achieved by adjusting the motor torque, gear box speed ratio, screw lead, spring force value and other variables. The ECU controller controls the double electric stay rods to realize smooth movement and double rod synchronization. Back door soft stop, intelligent anti pinch. The door opening noise is low, with temperature protection and voltage protection, and can deal with malicious operations. Built in sound reminder function. It can expand the upper snap lock, lower snap lock, kick, sound control module and remote control module. It has the function of fault differentiation prompt. Through internal self diagnosis, it can guide the maintenance personnel to repair the products according to the alarm prompt. The intelligent electric tailgate kit under junchi technology is the company's best-selling product at present.

The following is an exclusive interview with outstanding members of the cadA boutique branch - Guangdong junchi Technology Co., Ltd. - Xin Kai, marketing director: "Guangdong junchi Technology Co., Ltd. was founded in 2004 and is engaged in the engine parts assembly and supporting work of the main engine factory. In 2016, we established Shanghai Gaoshi R & D center in Shanghai. Since 2016, junchi has officially moved towards the two control and supporting business forms of traditional engine parts and now relatively new automotive electronic parts. In June 2021, we began to start the automotive aftermarket Our marketing strategy has also formed a complementary marketing format from front to back. The ultimate goal is to enter the IPO early. This time, we have brought junchi technology to strive to create a series of electric tailgate products with more than 30 engineers in 18 years. This set of products includes our research and development achievements. The products contain 15 invention patents and 16 new patents with 20 tests. Through our 18 years of front loading work experience, We hope to provide dealers and car users with a real high-quality product based on front loading quality, front loading R & D ability and front loading quality control ability to meet our market demand. The general direction and core idea are also very close to our company's purpose and our market direction. There are many bad manufacturers and bad products in the automotive afterloading market. We see this, We are also a tier 1 primary supplier of the main engine factory. It should be the first company in China that can take the front mounted products to the rear mounted products for market operation. I hope that through this practice, we can promote the product quality improvement of this industry, which coincides with the idea of the Association. Therefore, I also hope that we can pay attention to the front mounted enterprises in our communication, Let the front decoration enterprises bring more good products to the rear decoration, which can also meet a demand of our market and change the current situation of the market. We are an enterprise that has just entered the rear market. For example, our front decoration enterprises pay more attention to R & D, quality and production. In the field of automotive post marketing, it is not our main area, We hope to have more close cooperation with the association. At the same time, we also hope to bring more brother factories and some brother companies in the industrial alliance of tier 1 to the automotive aftermarket together, so as to truly form a concept of the association and a direction of efficiency increase. ".