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Column:COMPANY NEWS Time:2021-01-09
It was cold on January 9, but some distinguished guests came from afar, bringing a ray of warmth.

It was cold on January 9, but some distinguished guests came from afar, bringing a ray of warmth.

In the afternoon, Huang Zuowei, Secretary of the science and Technology Bureau of Duanzhou District, Professor Huang Wei, Secretary of the Party committee of the school of microelectronics of Xi'an University of Electronic Science and technology, Professor liuweifeng of the school of microelectronics, Mr. chenzhiyi and Mr. xuyuntao, directors of the Alumni Association of the microelectronics industry of Xidian, Mr. Huang Jiang, chairman of Guangdong Liyang chip testing Co., Ltd., and Mr. Lu KeYue, general manager of Shenzhen Qianhai Ruby venture capital fund, visited our headquarters.

Ms. He Mengmeng, the deputy general manager of our company, and others welcomed the guests and thanked them for their arrival.



Mr. Liujianfeng, President of our company, invited a group of people to visit the workshop and explain the relevant technical achievements to the distinguished guests in person.



Later, Mr. liuqianfeng, the chairman of our company, Mr. Liujianfeng, the president, Mr. liuyiyong, the supervisor, and Ms. He Mengmeng, the deputy general manager, attended the exchange meeting with the guests.

First of all, manager wujianming of our company welcomed the guests again, and then made a detailed introduction to the current situation, technical achievements and later development planning of our company.


All guests expressed their appreciation for the great success of our technical achievements, showed high interest in the later cooperation and development, and actively asked questions on issues of concern.


The relevant senior management of our company fully answered and communicated with the distinguished guests' questions, and the atmosphere on the site was harmonious.

After half a day of friendly exchanges, the visiting dignitaries expressed full confidence in the development prospects of our company, and put forward their interest in cooperation at all levels. Subsequently, the two sides will continue to promote the communication of in-depth cooperation and achieve win-win development.